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Collections - What you need to do!
If you'd like to collect your parts from our Evesham Warehouse, please follow these simple rules

1) You cannot order off the website. Phone orders only.
2) Call the team on 01257 225357 with your vehicle details, a description of the part required and debit or credit card.
3) The operator will confirm the price and availability of the part, process the payment and give you a unique 'MDL' number - You will need this to gain access to the site.
4) Finally, follow the health & safety rules below.
Anyone not following the rules above will be refused access to the site.

Exercise the greatest care when manoeuvring your vehicles around the site.If a reversing sounder is not fitted the vehicle your four-way indicators must be operated.
Always park your vehicle with the engine switched off and the handbrake on
You are not allowed inside the warehouse unless authorised by a supervisor.
Report immediately any incident, spillages, damage or accident to a supervisor.


Park your vehicle in the designated parking area as indicated on the map over next to the operations office.
Enter the building through the collection entrance as shown on the map over.
On entering the building please present your collection reference to the available member of TVS Staff who will then locate the parts to be collected and arrange appropriate paperwork.
If no one is immediately available please use the internal phone located at the collection point to call one of the assistance numbers listed.
Under no circumstances should anyone enter the warehouse past the yellow barrier or remove any parts without prior authorisation.
Once parts are loaded, return to the gatehouse where your paperwork will be checked prior to departure.
In the current environment you are also requested to bring a mask and gloves to reduce the risk of COVID transmission.


Should you have a complaint or safety concern at any point during your visit you are to request the presence of a TVS Supervisor, all complaints /concerns will be investigated by TVS
All complaints of abusive behaviour will be investigated and escalated.


Should the fire alarm sound (a continuous siren) you must report immediately to assembly point 6 in the vehicle yard. Only move your vehicle if instructed by a fire marshal